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Writing RFPs and Hiring the Right Consultant

This course teaches you how to find the right consultant for your next public transportation project—from writing the perfect RFP, to identifying the ideal candidate—guiding you through the steps to finding the right partner to help you meet your goals. 

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Writing RFPs and Hiring the Right Consultant

How to Write an Effective RFP

Anyone can write an RFPbut not everyone can write a GOOD RFP. In this training session, the following topics will be covered, with room for questions and plenty of discussion:

  • Elements of an effective RFP

  • How to align a budget with task elements, including how to allocate appropriate budget for the project

  • Considerations for a la carte project tasks: when an agency might opt for this option

  • Common mistakes agencies make

  • Why agencies have to re-issue RFPs

  • Writing an RFP that will get great proposal responses

Hiring an Appropriate Consultant for Your Tasks

Hiring a consulting firm requires a good deal of trust, both for the hiring organization and for the consulting firm. How does an organization know if they’ve hired the “right” consultant for the job? What if your agency can’t afford consulting services? In this training, we’ll discuss considerations for hiring a consultant:

  • When is it appropriate to hire a consultant? What can be done “in-house”?

  • How do we know if we’re getting a good firm for the project?

  • Which projects can be broken up into “phases” to make them more cost-effective? 

  • How to have a consultant on-call for various work? 

  • Funding considerations: including procurement minimums, maximum, and working with your DOT in hiring an outside firm

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