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About Socius Amica

The name of our firm (Latin for 'partner and friend') reflects our approach to the consultant-client relationship. Tapping into our passion for transit planning, we provide quality service to our clients, specializing in rural transit planning, mobility management, coordinated public-transit human service plans, transit development planning, policy development, and funding for transit projects.

A blue-ribbon consultant with over two decades of transit planning experience, founder and CEO Meredith Greene regretted having to turn down interesting and needful clients because they didn’t have large enough planning budgets to hire consulting support. Believing all agencies, transit providers, and health and human service entities should have access to quality consulting services with implementable solutions to transit and mobility challenges, Meredith established Socius Amica, a woman-owned business headquartered in Durango, Colorado, the heart of the Southwest. 

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Meredith Greene, AICP

Meredith has two decades of experience in the transportation industry with a primary focus on public transportation, coordination, and mobility management. She currently operates her independent consulting practice, Socius Amica, as Principal and CEO, specializing in rural and small urban transit planning, coordinated planning, mobility management, and a variety of trainings for transit providers and mobility management practitioners. 

Prior to running Socius Amica, Meredith was the sector leader of Nelson\Nygaard’s Mobility Management, Access and Policy Sector; working on projects in both the fixed route & paratransit planning realms. At Nelson\Nygaard, she served as Project Manager for multiple coordinated human service and public transit projects in several states, including Idaho, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Nevada, and North Carolina.  Additionally, her many projects include statewide mobility management planning, statewide transit and policy projects, coordinated public transit-human service transportation plans, paratransit planning and budgeting, and work promoting transit at the state legislature. 

Prior to joining Nelson\Nygaard, she ran the Texas Transit Association as their Executive Director. In that role, she provided support for transit agencies throughout the state, ranging from Metropolitan Transit Authorities to rural agencies, and helped to lead legislative policy initiatives. Previously, she was an Associate Research Scientist at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and a Principal Planner at Capital Metro in Austin, Texas.

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