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Finance and Funding

A clear understanding of all the funding options available to a transit agency – and how to access them – is crucial for running a successful and sustainable transit system.

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Finance/Funding Module 1

Transportation Finance:
State and Federal Funding Overview 101

This workshop surveys how transit is financed at the federal, state, and local levels, digging into federal formula funding categories and how funds are distributed. Detailing how to structure, allocate, track, and report transit agency financials, it also examines how to measure, compare, and benchmark cost effectiveness. Strategies for dealing with board and stakeholder information are covered, underscoring how effectively communicating system performance can guide transit decision-making and help your community achieve its goals. Where applicable, state and local funding information are tailored to the particular region. 

Outcomes of State and Federal Funding Overview 101 include:​​


  • Comprehensive understanding of federal funding categories 

  • Local match: non-traditional funding sources and applicable match sources


  • How to best work with your state DOT to achieve local and state goals


  • Developing effective board reporting tools

Finance/Funding Module 2

Federal 5310 Formula Funds
for Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities 

Covering all aspects of 5310 funding, this workshop is designed for agencies and individuals who work directly with funds distribution and grantees, as well as providers and agencies leading coordinated planning efforts. The history of 5310 funding is examined, along with current program stipulations, funding amounts in the latest transportation authorization, distribution considerations, requirements, and the link between funding and coordinated planning. Additional considerations include what providers need to include in their budgets for programming 5310 and how to calculate future amounts needed. 

Attendees learn:

  • Program requirements.

  • Steps to apply for funding.

  • How the funds may be used to to address service area gaps.

  • Planning for longer term service scale ups that can potentially use 5310 funding.

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