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Agency Operations

Understanding the inner workings of a transit agency is key to creating a successful transit system that serves both its customers and its operators.

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Agency Operations Module 1

Performance Measurement, Agency Goals and Objectives 

This high-level workshop helps FTA grantees and other practitioners develop performance measures to support achievement of public transportation, mobility management, and transportation coordination goals. The workshop also discusses the development of non-traditional performance measures for public transportation in urban and rural markets, looking at performance measure fundamentals, approaches, and applications, including collecting and analyzing data needed to implement performance monitoring. Attendees are provided with the information and tools necessary to develop measures relevant to their respective efforts at the statewide, regional, and project-specific level. 


In a time of constrained resources, coupled with clear mobility needs, transportation providers and mobility managers need to be able to demonstrate the value of transportation services. The training shows participants how to communicate the value of public transportation, mobility management, and regional coordination through performance measurement, helping agency representatives better understand how to communicate the value of transportation services to elected officials, stakeholders, and the public by using performance measure information and feedback to create customer-driven transportation services. The target audience for this training includes mobility managers, regional transportation coordination leaders, transit managers, directors, board members, transit planners, and agency decision-makers.

Upon completing this training, participants will be able to:


  • Describe performance measure terminology and concepts.

  • List the steps involved in developing measures.

  • Create performance measures tailored to their agency.

  • Communicate the value of transportation using dashboards and infographics.

Agency Operations Module 2

Creating a Competitive Agency and Building an Employer of Choice 

This short course talks through effectively building your transit agency into an employer of choice. In today’s world where employees have plenty of options to choose from, how do you create an environment that not only recruits, but also retains talent and resources? Branding, communications, HR considerations, the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and employer value propositions are covered, along with employee retention, team building, and appropriate training opportunities for staff. 

Course objectives include:

  • Clearly understanding and/or developing an agency’s mission and vision, and how those elements impact the value proposition.

  • The importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the work environment.

  • How to build and motivate teams in your agency.

  • Developing a plan for clear agency internal communications.

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