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The local government sector is a rapidly changing environment where City Managers are tasked daily with analyzing and making recommendations on all aspects of municipal government while still keeping up with leading a complex and multi-disciplined organization.  With the current financial constraints and staff capacity being stretched, a new challenge for City Managers is to continue to lead the Organization while finding time and resources to evaluate and work on projects that are crucial to keeping the Organization moving forward. 


We provide City Managers a solution to ensure projects and analysis are being completed with a politically astute and experienced perspective.  We offer the City Manager flexibility to tackle projects on demand when the staff capacity is not able to address in a timeframe that is needed.


  • Supplement Executive Working Capacity While Maintaining Current Staffing

  • Short Term: No Long-Term Expectation

  • Cost Competitive

  • Projects Start Within Your Timeframe

  • On-Demand Contract: Use Only When You Have A Project to Assign

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